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         Back in more than three years, the word Internet has been used, but it has not been seen accurately. Listening to the IT who has been abroad over and over. By good fortune, I have been abroad, I am familiar with it reluctantly, I had to explain the queries what/why raised by the foreign companions while exchanging visiting cards.
         Afterwards, we have been familiar with it due to appearing internet e-mail, Bagan Cybertech, and applying of internet. Bagan Cybertech services given make us interest internet willingly and immediately. Want to share of knowledge to others explained by the environs, I notice the six blind bramin elephant means Myanmar internet round about 90 years entered the human atmosphere same as the computers, we have to give much more cash just like T.V and take better care of it and I dont forget it yet.
         Year ago, establishing MICT Park , Bagan Tele appearing make us more familiar to the internet communication techniques have been improving day by day. Beginning Bagan Tele, with the help of Vset techniques make promoted and wireless broadband system and IPSTAR System penetrated to the IT word in a rush. It is faster and cheaper than the internet joined telephone line. So we can abreast with interest just like friends.
         However familiar with internet, need to be useable and useful. Expenses are greater. Myanmar internet expense is not much. Its reasonable price. That price is not easy for me. Myanmar internet user is not much more than we have anticipated. There are some hindrances such as installation fees, monthly expenses, use Rates and delay for use. In spite of being faster Broadband than ordinary telephone, there is investment difficulties. Thus, we find that Internet cant jump on the human atmosphere.
         Being used on a grand scale internet is necessary to be used. Just as computing usage needs to be expert, so does Internet. Round about 1990's, use Myanmar in computer and everyone knows about computer and so does Internet, Internet is endless wisdom, isnt it? Access is getting step by step. Not long time ahead, It can be used sidewalk. Nowadays there are a lot of internet caf having freely. Internet shops such as Internet caf, Cyber caf have been world re-known.
         Internet caf is the shops which sell coffee. Sometimes IT terms make us difficult to understand. It was disillusioned earlier about website, webpage, surf which are not spider net, spider pages and wakes layer. They are not coffee shops, but just like coffee shops which can be used. One internet may be, or else 10 internet perhaps, the main things is using internet perhaps selling coffee and may be snacks. As far as I know, Internet caf pay for internet services. I dont know how to do in Myanmar. India user interest in betel shops. In that case, Internet betel shops, cyber betel-shops, how to call I dont.
         Back in 10 May, two cyber cafes came across in Yangon. One shop is open on 10 May and the other on 25 May with ceremony.
         Internet caf is open with the arrangement of MICTDC. Out of 50 members of MICTDC, 10 members were allowed to open the caf. License fees 5000 Ks has to be paid the rest is expense for installation by Cyber-Tech for internet and monthly fees..etc.
         At present, 25 computers have been installed . There might be 40. computers based on the users. These have been said by the Manager of Cyberworld, U Myo Myint Aung who opened cyber caf first and foremost Cyberworld has been opened between the corner of Bogyoke Road and Wadan Road in DaNaThiha centre. Previously, it was in Essential Mart.
         On May 25, 40 computers have been installed in Surf N Surf. In Daily, we found Cyber room and actually named Surf N Surf. It was open in Myanigone Dagon Centre (first floor), next to is Aroma caf shop. And other clothes and facilities shops have been opened there. Not only Cyber zone but Surf N Surf, both, have internet and network game.
         The owner of the shop said, Network game for the time being, think that shouldnt risk only internet service. In Yangon, Network Game Centers altogether 80 anticipated, its marketing is not so small.
          Internet fees may be between 1000 and 15000 which have been planned. Normally, 1500 Ks will be collected, without having other shops, how to collect for them is not known yet. The expense is an expense to MICTDC, monthly fees for Bagan Cybertech. At present 1000 Ks per hour has been collected, U Myo Aung said.
         Surf N Surf collects 1200 Ks in Maynigone Dagon Centre. Later on, 1500 Ks will be collected per hour. One hour free of charges are the best plan for the user.
         To be cheaper in internet use, there are plans. Charge on time and discount rate in the number of people. U Myo Aung explained.
          Surf N Surf will give service on its own way. Family wise, or else group friend- wise 4 person at the same time are to pay 1000 Ks per hour.
         Back in more than three years, the word Internet has been used, but it has not been seen accurately. Listening to the IT who has been abroad over and over. By good fortune, I have been abroad, I am familiar with it reluctantly, I had to explain the queries what/why raised by the foreign companions while exchanging visiting cards.
Myanmar & Internet
         In Myanmar, Internet use is not extra-ordinarily developing, the following is the situation of Internet use up to May, 2003.
MPT description Numbers of Users
Internet User 100
E-mail User 6000

Bagan Cybertech description Numbers of Users
Broadband User 1000 (Ygn + Mdy)
Dial Up User 6000 (Ygn + Mdy)
IP- Star User 400 (Ygn + Mdy)
         It is learnt that Designed having two service providers, Internet Gateway is only 4 MB, it is slow for the broadband users.
         For a member, member fees 1000 Ks, can be used 50% said U Aung Htet, Surf N Surf Manager. Very soon KMD internet caf will be liked those. KMD Target audience are their students, said U Thaung Tin. Cyber caf (KMD) will be near the place of NCC (corner of Merchant Street and 38th Street.)
         CTT arranged to open Internet caf in South Okklapa. Thinking that 40 or 30 computers will be used. Network game will be included. The rest plan depend on customer demand , said U Khun Oo from CTT. Forever Win Maw said, will open between the corner of merchant street and 43th Street . There include e-book project, films on line and so service may be at that place.
         16 members of MICTDC, the rest observes the men who led to. Some pick out places and places, around the Sule, I havent so far heard of Cyberworld attempting to open Hledan and 8 miles junction, including current places. As MICTDC, one cyber caf for one company.
         Those who gain permission will open them as soon as possible. At this time Myanmar internet users will be increasing.
         Opening cyber caf is the first step to the modern, development and living standard. Regardless young or old, then appear new life style for education, wisdom, knowledge, economic news and other miscellaneous data.
         Nevertheless, it is of importance for the people the benefit and superior of using internet. Internet caf jointly open network game make men serve to the game. That need to be done by those general permission to open cyber caf. This is no need among IT atmosphere but it is necessary to make clarification among the laymen extensively, said one IT educator.
         Nevertheless, Internet will penetrate to the human atmosphere daily and ----
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