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Office of the Prime Minister

           Office of the Prime Minister is taking measures for the development of State security, economy and social affairs. It is coordination and supervision with the ministries and organisations.
           Office of the Prime Minister coordinates and supervises the affairs of foreign investment, foreign expenses, export, correct and rapid flow ofgoods It also coordinates and supervises the implementation of special projects.
           The State Law and Order Restoration Council formed the Mandalay City Development Committee in 29-12-1992 with seven members. Then the State Law and Order Restoration Council transferred the Mandalay City Development Committee under the supervision of the office of the Prime Minister in 13-4-93 .
           The State Law and Order Restoration Council transferred the Department of Sports and Physical Education Department under the Office of the Prime Minister in 1-7-93 to raise the standard of myanmar sports to world level Ed to turnout selected outstanding atheletes.

Mandalay City Development Committee
           The Mandalay City Development Committee under taking the tasks with the guidence of the government to acquire the characteristics of Mandalay as second capital of Myanmar. The housing projects are being built by the Mandalay
           City Development Committee as follows ;- Thiri Malar Housing Project and Chindhei Oo housing projects in Aung Myay Thar Zan Township,Shwe Pyi Mandalar Housing project in Pyi Gyi Tagun Township, Kan Daw Gyi (West) and Kan Thar Yar Housing Projects in Chan Mya Thar Si Township and Sandagu Housing Project in Maha Auang Myay Township.

Upgrading Markets
           The Mandalay City Development Committee built the modern upgraded markets as threestorey Nan Shei market, five-storey Kaing Tan new market, three-storey Thiri Mandalay new market, Yadanabon market, and Mingalar market. It is also constructed the Novotel Hotel in Mandalay City.

Construction on Long-distance Terminals and Brokers' Sheds
           Mandalay is the Second Capital of Myanmar, it is crowded with travellers and tourists. Mandalay is also the commercial centre of upper Myanmar, So the City Development Committee built Mandalay long-distance terminals, modern two-storey, long-distance terminals and gates for Sagaing, Monywa and Mogkok Mattaya, Pyi Gyi Myet Shin long distances terminals. Threestorey highway terminal and gates for Pyin Oo Lwin-Lasho, Chan Mya Shwe Pyi highway terminal, three-storey highway terminal and gates for Yangon-Meikthila-Mandalay. MCDC also built Brokers' Sheds in Pyi Gyi Tagun township.

Construction of Sports Ground and Gardens
           The Mandalay City Development Committee constructed the sports grounds and a park for health and recreation. MCDC built 1,500 metre modern sports ground and modern stadium in Aung Myay Thar Zan township. MCDC also built a city park for recreation of the city people.
           The Mandalay City Development Committee built an ordination hall for promotion and propagation of the Sasana in Shwe Hin Tha Monastery Sagaing In the compound of SHS-2, MCDC built a four-storey Chin-the building.
           The MCDC built a new school in Ward No. 5, Chan Mya Thar Si Township. The sanitation department of MCDC carried out to tasks to get clean water, digging tubewells and systematic controlling of enamel.
           From 1 April 1995 to 14 November 1997, the Mandalay City Development Committee carried out the distribution of water in five township of Mandalay. It installed 9,514 water meters and laid 14,054 feet of water-supply pipes.

Digging the tubewells
           For the new system of Mandalay water distribution, the MCDC dug 19 tubewells along Strand Road and between the Kywe Sun ward, it distributes 50,000 gallons of water per hour.
           Also the MCDC draws new project to fulfil the water needs of the increased population. The MCDC carried out digging new tubewell in June 1996 in Chan Aye Tha San township, using a 90 KW motor, digging new tubewell into 400 mm diametre pipe and 128 metre deep in Chan Aye Tha San township.
           For the people of new townships the MCDC digging new 24 tubewells and distribution 6,000 gallons per day. The MCDC using the donations of KOICA (Korea International Corporation Agency), digging 30 tubewells in Chan Mya Tha Si and Pyi Gyi Tagun townships.

Greening of Mandalay Hill
           Since 1993, the MCDC carried out the distribution of water 250,000 gallons by 6 tubewells. In January 1996 the MCDC extends distribution of water for Mandalay Hill. It built a K. V 100 transformer near No. 6 factory, joining 11 KV electric power line and put on the 50 horse power electric power motor. The MCDC built the 30,000 gallon water tanks near Than Thayar Aye Zedi, North East Zedi and Padamya Zedi. Then the MCDC also built three water pumping machines, apart from diesel water pump and seven direct water distributing systems.

Road Construction
           To acquire the characteristies of Mandalay as the second city of Myanmar, the roads and bridges department of the MCDC, carried out earth roads, gravel roads and asphalt roads b Mandalay. Then, it also undertook maintenance of bridges, paths, canals and roads built by citi- zens.
           From 1-4-95 to 14-11-97 the MCDC built 12 asphalt roads 5.29 miles long for K 24.911 million, 196 asphalt road 76.73 miles long ford 382.78 million, 62 gravel roads 33.53 miles long for K 127.525 million, and two earth road 0. 91 mile long for K 1. 51 million. It also built one wooden bridge 332.01 miles long forty 1.981 million and 173 concrete bridges 3,2398 miles long for K 73.954 million. Two asphalt roads 0.41 mile long with K 2.73 million dons by the people. 277 asphalt roads 0.66 mile long were built by the MCDC with public donation of K 0.2 million and MCDC contribution of 2.7 million.
           A tar road 0.45 mile long was built MCDC contribution of K 0.373 million public donation of K 0.156 million. Twelve bridges 118 feet long were constructed MCDC contribution of K 2.113 million public donation of K 1.476 million.
           The circular road of the Mandalay Kan Gyi is 4.44 mile long and 48 feet wide. The phase of was constructed on 30-6-91, second phase is still being constructed by MCDC also the MCDC is being still constru the city circular Strand Road in three stay cost K 18.31 million.

Sports and Physical Education Depart
           The Sports and Physical Education Depart- ment held annual competitions of State Division sports, Ministry level sports and all snorts sponsored by federations.
           The sports competitions held by the Sports and Physical Education Department are football, atheletic events, badminton, basket ball, boxing, cane ball, International chess, cycling, golf, Myanmar traditional boxing, gymnastics, Judo, karataedo, swimming and diving, tennis, table tennis, thaing (Myanmar Martial Art), volleyball, weight lifting, Myanmar Traditional Chess, Taekwando, Body building and beauty contest, billiards and snooker.
           483 Myanmar athletes took part in 21 kinds of sports competitions at 18th South East Asian games, Myanmar win 4 gold , 22 silver and 3 7 bronze, totalling 63 medals.

International Sports teams visit Myanmar
           The Sports and Physical Education Department held 1996 Myanmar Open and Optimist Championship in Inya Lake, Yangon, from 25-11-96 to 31-11-96. Also it held the Putra and London Open Golf competitions in Myanmar. 36th South-East Asian Putra Golf tournament held in Aye Tha Ya, Taunggyi from 28-11-96 to 2-12-96. London Myanrnar Open Omega Tour was held in Yangon from 3-4-97 to 6-4-97.

Myanmar Athletes compete in International Events
           Myanmar Atheletes competed between 14-1995 and 27-8-1996 in the Second SouthEast Asian (junior) Gymnastics, Seiko Badminton, The Second Malaysia Judo Cup, Third IBC Cup Volleyball, Second Htanloung Cup Women's Volleyball, Malan International Marathon, Panasonic Golf, International Kick-boxing, Macao, Hong Kong Boats race, Myanmar-Singapore Yacht Race, Third Ho Chi Min City Atheletic Games, Third Htan Loung Cup Women's Volleyball, Tiger Cup Football, World Youth Yacht Race in Poland, 16 World Championship Yacht race, Singapore International Youth Tennis Competition, Second South-East Asian Swimming, Asia Badminton Tournament, Hanoi International Atheletic Games, Bobhasan International Atheletic Games, Avan Olympic altheletic Games, International Olympic Boat Race, Twelth Takwando Championship, Penang International tradition Boat Race, Singapore Traditional Boat Race, Marlun Traditional Boat Championship, UAE Chess, Asia Soccer Cup group (1) Qualifying test, 26 World Olympic Atheletic Games, First World College level Karataedo Competition, Myanmar-Korea Taikwando Joint Training Programme, 6th World Youth Atheletic games, 1996 World Yatch Race and 9th SouthEast Asian Youth Volleyball Tournament.

Sports Training
           According to the motto: Myanmar Sport the World to conquer, the Sports and Physical Education Department opened the training courses to reach international sports standard. In sports training courses the system and techniques of football, taikwando, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, wushu, gymnastics, tennis, canu race, and hockey were trained by foreign instructors.
           Local instructors and referees were trained to promote their abilities, techniques and system respectively. The course opened were sports master course, instructor course for body building and beauty contest referee course, coach basketball, coaches and referee for football. It also opened the sports medical education short term courses supported World Health Organization.
           The Sports and Physical Education Department opened the local sports masters course and referee course but also sent abroad for training and seminar, to take responsibility as international coaches and international referees. For the purpose ofthe enhancement of Myanmar Sports and to nurture new generation atheletes and sport masters, the Sports and Physical Education Department opened sports Diploma course (3), New generation sport training course (2) (3) (4) and seasonal (Summer, Winter, Monsoon) basic sports training from 1-4-1995 to 31-12-1996. To educate the people, the Sports and Physical Education Department is publishing monthly sports and physical education journal and broadcasting twice a week on Myanmar Radio and Television. The Sports and Physical Education Department also on sports show rooms in every state and divisional sports tournaments.
           The State law and Order Restoration Council formed the Sports and Physical Education Department to the Ministry of Sports on 18-12-1996.
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