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Ministry Of Defence
Tatmadaw for National Defence and Development
           Tatmadaw was born in December 1941 as Burma Independence Army (BIA) during the period of the country's struggle for independence. Then on its march towards a national army, it had to take names such as Burma Defence Army $DA), Burma Army (BA), Patriotic Burmese Forces (PBF) and so on. At last in 1945, the people and the army together combined forces to achieve an anti-fascist revolution and thus a natural independent army emerged as Tatmadaw.
           27 March 1995 was auspicious as the Golden Jubilee of the Tatmadaw. A span of 50 years was no mean experience. In 1948-49, just after indepence, The Tatmadaw had to suppress nation-wide insurgencies. In 1958, two political parties clashed, taking the nation on the verge of civil war and Tatmadaw had to stand in as Caretaker Government. In 1962, when the Union was pushed near to disintegration, and in 1988 when anarchy reigned, the Tatmadaw had to take up the duties of State.
           With the experience of 50 years, Tatmadaw had to rebuild all that was destroyed during the disturbances. At the same time, it brought peace to many areas where there were battles. Political stability improved and socio-economic conditions also made progress.
           With the fruits of success achieved during the 50 golden years, all Tatmadaw men are now in high spirits of jubilation. They are ever arduously present in all nation-building endeavours.
           The Tatmadaw is doing its best to achieve all its objectives for the political, economical and social advancement of the nation. In so doing, it needs peace and stability of all regions to prosper well. Thus, the Tatmadaw ever welcomes all armed groups outside the law who exchange their arms for peace.
           Understanding and appreciating the Tatmadaw's goodwill and endeavours, eight armed groups outside thd law came in from 1988 to 1991. Then from 1992 to 1995, six more groups came into the .legal fold. They all are now working whole-heartedly in regional development projects together with Tatmadawmen.
           Following the noble example, more national armed groups are coming in. There was a group of Shan State National Army (ssna) headed by U Kan Ywet and U Saing Yi, who came in on 6 November 1995. A group of Shan Army (MTA) headed by U Hkun Sa and U Kyan Su Shin on 5 January 1996; a BCP (Burma Communist Party) group of Rakhine headed by U Saw Htun on 6 April 1997; a group of Karen National Union (KNU) from Division 6, Battalion 16, headed by U Saw Thamuhe on 24 February 1997; a group of Mon Armed Party. (Myeik/ Dawei District) headed by U Aung Theik Win and U Sein Ba Than on 31 May 1997; a group of Thandaung Special Region, Division 2 Company 3, headed by Major Saw Ferrimore (a) Saw Ardee on 7 November 1997; these groups have given up their former lawless pursuits and joined up with Tatmadaw.
           For regional security and stability, many Tatmadaw projects are being launched in all command areas, such as Mogyo Project in Northern Command; Zwe Aung Hein and Ye Wunt Aung Projects in North-eastern Command; Taing Lon Hein and Pyi Nyein Aye Projects in Eastern Command; Nat Min, Pyi Zar Ni and Aung Ne Lin Projects in South-eastern Command; Yan Nyein Aye and Yan Nyein AungProjects in Yangon Command; La Min Aung Project in Western Command; Ne Min and Thuriya Projects in South-western Command; Aung Dagun and Yan Gyn Aung Projects in North-western Command; Chin Thei Min and Ye! Dagun Projects in Central Command; Nat Min, Aung Mahar and Aung Dagun Projects in Southern Command.
           Owing to the right cause and cetana shown by these projects in every command, those who have seen the light and exchanged their arms for peace now total 22, 253 persons, with 15, 128 pieces of various arms and ammunition.
           As regards national security, special care is taken. In the nation's territory including coastal areas, rivers and streams, security measures are closely and alertly taken. Expurgence of destructive elements ents safegurding of sea routes, blocking of malefactors; obstructing illegal exits of national resources such as rice, forest products, mineral and marine products; checking illegal entrances of foreign products; safeguarding commercial and industrial enterprises-national and international in Myanmar sea territory; these are being efficiently administered. Ye Naga Project also takes full times care of the safely of t he high seas and coast lines.
           The Navy from 1-4-95 to 14-11-97 seized 187 foreign illegal fishing boats and 496 internal boats which committed poaching blackmarketee- teak stealing, etc. 44 illegal boats had to be destroyed. 74 Thais, 91 Bangladeshis, 10 Indonesians, 6 Filipinos, 2 Taiwanese, 1730 Myanmars were seized and punished. From the seizure, boats and commodities worth about 1,132.66 million kyats were confiscated as State property.
           The Air Force on 26 September 1996, could help save Japanese mountaineers and party who were in jeopardy because of severe snowstorms while climbing Mount Hkakaborazi. The volunteerteam based at Naungmon brought the clin to safely and took care of them.
           The Air Force on 26 February 1997,1 all- out assistance to a crew of Japanese Department on their tour of Meiktila and Mandalay. From 7 to 9 April 1997, the Air Fohelped a party of bird watchers from (Wildlife Conservation Society) to do tresearch work in the Hkakaborazi area. I Air Force and Ministry of Forestry gacombined assistance to research tourists to sruaround Myitkyina, Putao, Tahundum aiTahanzadum. Then, from 31 August to September 1997, the Air Force helped and gave relief service to a crew of S 350 B helicopte from Westos Company of Laos. The choppe had machine trouble acrd went down in Mohny area. The Air Force lifted the damaged chopper and let it down at Mohnyin railway station.
Tatmadaw's work on Anti-drug Campaigns
           Drugs being the enemy of mankind, Tatmadaw performs anti-drug measures as a national campaign. Up to ll December 1997, Tatmadaw has seized 3717,35 kilos of heroin, 22,762.71 Krios of opium, 32,717.85 litersof phensidyl, 33551 gallons of chemicals and acids, 10,800,625 stimulant tablet, 3787.22 kilos of ephidrene. It has burned up destroyed 70 heroin refinery camps. It has also burned and destroyed all kinds of drugs in a mass 11 times in Yangon and 18 times at the border areas.
           The Government and Tatmadaw have endeavoured much so be able to persuade producer and trafficker of drugs U Khun Sa and his MTA group numbering over 25,000 men to surrender their arms (over 9,000) and enter the legal fold. Mongma and Mongla in Special Region 4 of eastern Shan State, have become and opium-free zones since April 1997. In the same way, Special Regions 1 and 2 of northern`Shan State are slated to be opium-free zones by the year 2000. During poppy season of 1997 measures are taken in northern Shan State to grow commercial crops (such as buckwheat) as poppy-substitute at many sites such as Mongkoe, Laukkhai, Konekyan, Kengtung, Hopan, Namtu, Monghtaw, Mongkyet, etc.
           During the year 1997, 1,396.92 kilos of heroin, 7651.4 kilos of opium, 1093 litres of phensidyl, 1694 gallons of chemical liquids and acids, 5043350 pills of stimulant, 615.62 kilos of ephidrene are seized and these are burnt and destroyed en masse for 4 times. 33 heroinrefinery camps are detected and destroyed.
Resettlement of Army Officers who become medically unfit
Directorate of Rehabilitation and Resettlement has managed to resettle those army ofcers who become unfit while on duty, They are assigned to the following posts:
Ministry of Energy 12 Posts
Ministry of Finance and
11 Posts
Ministry of Industry-1 7 Posts
Minigtrv of Progress of -
Border Area and National
Races and Development Affairs
3 Posts

Ministry of Forestry
1 Post
Ministry of Transport 2 Posts
Ministry of Mining 1 Post
Ministry of Home Affairs 1 Post
Ministry of Construction 1 Post
Ministry of Rail Transportation 1 Post
Yangon City Development 1 Post
Committee 4 Posts
District Stability and
Development Council
1 Post
Welfare Services of Tatmadaw
The Navy has managed to build military boats at home so as to save foreign currency and alsoto gain experience and practical knowledge of marine construction technology.
           Navy dockyard is building 45-metre patrol speedboats, and the first boat, 551 is launched on 2-1-96 and the second 552 on 4-1-96. Three more boats are under construction. Since February 1996, the dockyard has also built 14 speed boats of length 27 feet, and 16 more boats are under construction. 5 boats of length 27 feet for young marine cadets have been built in September 1996. To help the construction project of Nyaungdone bridge, four boats 130 feet by 30 feet have been built and handed over. Also for the construction project of Myanmar Dockyard, two 77 metre Corvettes are being built.
           For the security of the high seas and river courses, for the safety of factories and for all-around stability security measueres are taken by respective army headquarters. Thus, Danyawady Naval H.Q. takes care of fisheries around Pathein estuary and Hainggyi Island, and also Yadana gas field on the high seas. Ayeyawady Naval H.Q. takes care of Botataung area as well as Shwe Pyi Aye and Shwe Pyi Htay exploration gas fields on the high seas. Mawrawa-dy Naval H.Q. takes care of factories in Mupon-Mawlamyine area, including MOC yards and also the gas pipelines along Hemze beach. Taninthayi Naval H.Q. takes care of government works on Kataung Island and also the exploration gasfields of Yetagun, Aungzeya 1, Sagawa and Aunglarba. During the whole operation of setting underground and underwater gas pipelines for Yadana field, the Navy takes care of all security measures.
           The Directorate of Security Printing Works under the Ministry of Defence produces Myanmar bank notes for Central Bank. It al prints 50 Kyat lottery ticket-books (numbering 1554542) for Aungbarlay Lottery Department stamps of all kinds for the Revenue Department and special 2 kyat stamps for fostering patriotic spirit for the Ministry of Communications. New design passport books are also produced for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
           The Directorate of Supplies has finished ,instructing Dagon milk-canning factory on 1 `.lay 1997 and it is going to produce "Sun" brand condensed milk at the rate of 1.26 million cans per year. The No.6 Transport Group of Hmawbi Air Force H.Q. has helped the Ministry of Agriculture in spraying insecticides by Turbo Thrush planes over 2,000 acres of Lungyaw cotton and silk farms during September and October 1996. In May 1997, No. 56 Helicopter Group of Groundwork Technical Training Camp has helped N Myainggalay Cement Factory at Pa-an in Karen Mate, by lifting and placing with the aid of helicopter (MI -17) some heavy drilling machinery to the top of Kawpyin hill. On 1 September 1997 also, Helicopter Group 56 of Northern Command with its MI 17 chopper {,;)05, has helped to find and bring back a lost helicopter (AS-350 Squirrel) of Mineral Research I )apartment, which went down near Mansi village, 10 miles away from Katha.
           At the Seventh Students' Sprots Festival of 1996 in Dawei, the transport of all atheletes were taken 'care of by No. 2 Transport Group. For the practice and exhibition of parachute jumping at the festival, the group made 16 flights with two Bell-205 helicopters. The Air Force took the responsibility of bringing the Buddha's Tooth Relic of China from Yangon to Mandalay during January- February 1997.
           For the preservation of forests and for greening of Upper Myanmar regions, the Tatmadaw has launched projects by which No.2 Rehabilitation and Resettlement Group at Pakokku built Factory No. 1 producing firewood substitute fuel. Similarly, factory No.2 at Magway, factory No3 at Myingyan and factory No.4 at North Okkalapa (Yangon) have been built, and the fuel is now in popular use.
Helping the Handicapped Servicemen
          Tatmadaw has done much to give assistan to the disabled and handicapped serviceme who sacrificed limbs while on active duty. To d this, Than Myan Thu Busline Supervision Committee (hangon) has been founded on June 1996. Work was started to collect funds.
           For the First time on 8 June 1996, servicemen who had lost both eyes and 2 men who had lost both hands were provided a sum of K 12,000 each.
           In the same way, support was given follows: Second time, on 8 July 1996 K 12,000 each to 20 persons losing both legs; Third time, on 8 August 1996 K 12,000 each to 20 persons losing both eyes; Forth time, on 8 September 1996 K 12,000 each to 5 persons with lower body paralysed and to 13 persons losing both legs; Fifth time, on 7 October 1996 ; K 12,000 each to 7 persons losing both legs, one person losing both eyes, and K 6,000 each to 40 persons losing one leg; Sixth time, on 9 November, 1996 K 12,000 each to 5 persons losing both legs and K 6,000 each to 40 persons losing one leg; Seventh time, on 8 December 1996 K 6,000 each to 40 persons losing both legs; Eight time, on 8 January 1997, K 6,000 each to 46 persons losing one leg; Ninth time, on 8 February 1997) K 6,000 each to 151 persons losing one leg; Tenth time, on 1 I March 1997, K 6,000 each to 155 persons losing one leg; Eleventh time, on 11 April 1991, K 12,000 to 9ne peron losing IWo legs and K 6,000 each to 144 persons losing one leg; Tweh time, on 26 May 1997, K 6,000 each to 82 persons losing one leg; Thirteen time, on 14 June ` 1997, K 6,000 each to 69 persons losing one leg; Foruteenth time, on 8 July 1997, K 12,000 to one person losing both legs; Fifteenth time,on !2 August 1997, K 12,000 to one person losing both legs and K 6,000 each to 45 persons losing one leg, Sixteenth time, on 8 September 1997, K 6,000 each to 49 persons losing one leg; Seventeenth time, on 12 October 1997 K 6,000 each to 49 persons losing one leg.
Decorations for Outstanding Service
          Dedicated to our Three Main National Causes, Tatmadawmen, Peoples' militiamen and law-enforcement men have striven hard to do their duty. As recognition and reward, the State has honoured them yearly with worthy decorcations. From 1 April 1995 to 14 November 1997, the following medals of honour and certificates of honour were presented to worthy personnel:
(1) Medals of Honour
(a) Medal for Valour 8
(b) Medal for Outstanding
     Military Service
(2) Certificates of Honour
(a) Commander in Chiefs
     Certificate for Valour
(b) Commander in Chiefs
     Certificate for Outstanding Service
(3) Medals for Outstanding Industrial and Commercial Service
(a) Grade I 1
(b) Grade II 5
(c) Grade III 15
(4)Medals for Outstanding Management Service
(a) Grade I 8
(b) Grade II 12
(c) Grade III 2
(5) Medals for Outstanding Social Service
(a) Grade I 1
(b) Grade II 2
(c) Grade III 7
People's Donations to Servicemen at the Front
          People by organizations or individually have recognized the outstanding and selfless service of Tatmadaw men at the Front and they have made donations which amounted in 1995-1997 to Kyats 190,000.
Tatmadaw in the Service of People
          Tatmadaw, while discharging its national defence duties has also taken up political, economical and social duties. Tatmadawmen in all States and Division have taken part in national development in cooperation with the people. Some are listed as follows.
Northern Command
- Building Myitkyina - Sumprabum Lawkhaung-Htawgaw road.
- Building Myitkyina-Mogaung-KamaingHukong Valley road
- Building Sagaing road (to Mogaung-
- Building Myitkyi-Seinlon motor-road.
- Building Bhamaw-Mabein motor-road.
- Nant-paung airfield at Myitkyina.
- Building Myitkyina-Shwebo motor-road. (Tar road at Hopin-Lemi)
- Rail road repair between Mogaung-Myitkyina
- Motor-road repair between Mankan-Lekikpa
North- eastern Command
- Building Mangkoe Myo -U Pagoda.
- Building Laukkine Myo-U Pagoda.
- Building Trilawka Wizaya Pagoda.
- Building Takaw-ack bridge
- Naungcho-kangyi-Tarpolan road.
- Laukkine-Konkyan road.
Eastern Command
- Taunggyii-Phamon railway road.
- Taunggyi-Shwenyaung railway road (part)
- Yaksauk-Naungcho motor-road.
- Maha Byuha road circling Yoma from 
  Yangon-Mandalay-Bag agars-Pyay-Yangon.
South-eastern Command
- Ye!-Paukpinkwin rail-road part.
- Thanlwin bridge at Pa-an.
- Gyine bridge at Zathabyin.
- Attaran bridge.
- Ye'-Dawe' rail-road.
Yangon Command
- Digging up Katwe'gwe canals.
- Panta walls to guard against erosion of Pandaing Daunggyi-embankments, Tantabin township.
- Flood prevention works for industrial zone of Hline Thaya.
- River water pumping for summer paddy. Cultivation of summer paddy-50,000 acres, peas and beans-13,000 acres.
South-western Command
- Chaungtha-Magyi-Shwe Thaung Yan road.
- Embankments at Kyonpatok Farm and Fisheries.
- New farms at Mokok flooded fields, Aimme! township.
- Pathein-Maaw road.
Western Command
- Yangon-Sittwe! road
- Htidaw hoisting at historic Thandira Pagoda.
- Sittwe'-Ponnagyun motor-road part.
- Mrauk-U-Kyauktaw tar-road.
North-Western Command
- Myingyan ngyan-Bagan raa
- Taungdwingyi-Magway rail-road.
- Kyaukpadaung-Pyawbwe motor-road. - Myittashin busline opening:
- Preservation of Kandawgyi (Hteinkan), Kyaukpadaung.
- Four-lane road at Pyin-Oo-LWin.
- Pokokku-Gangaw rail-road.
- Mone Chaung bridge.
- Shwemyintin-Theingon new road.
- Htihlaing-Kinbungyan motor-road.
- Ye'way-Thaphanchaung motor-road.
- Pyawbwe-Yan Aung rail-road.
Southern Command
- Help to build Relies Monastery, Kamawet-Mudon
- Hlawga-Hmawbi-Wanetchaung-TaikkyiThanatchaung-Phalone-Okkan rail-road repairs.
- Waw rail-road repair and flood relief.
- Shwegyin Pagoda repair.
- Zayatgyi hospital and high school repair.
- Shwedaung hospital repair.
Triangle,Area Command
- Kengtung-Mongpyin-Takaw motor-road extension.
- Naungtone Lake (Kengtaung) recovery.
- In"t-emational Style swimming pool at Kengtaung.
- Hostels and roads at Kengtung College,
Communications and Media Works
          Tatmadaw does its duty to perpetuate the sovereignty of the Union while it also tries its utmost to strenghten ties of kinship and unity between the peopie and the Tatmadaw, as well as among Tatmadawmen themselves. To achieve this objective, Tatmadaw informs, educates and entertains the public through the media of literature, music and other arts, as follow
(1) Tatmadaw Television Unit
          The State has Myanma Athan and Myanmar TV and likewise, Tatmadaw has established Tatmadaw Television Unit on the Golden Jubilee Day of Tatmadaw in 1995. At the start from 27-3-95 to 26-3-97, the broadcasts were made only in the morning, using Asiasat I. I. But from 27-3-97 onwards, Asiasat II was used so that broadcasts could start from 7:00 in the morning and from 16:00 in the evening. In conformity with "Our Three Main National Causes and Twelve National Objectives" entertainment was staged with the cooperation of national artistes and Tatmadawmen. Everyday movements of the Heads of State, State ceremonies and competitions, musical shows, latest news and popular foreign movies are presented to the public.
(2)Tatmadaw Broadcasting Units
          Movements of the Heads of State construction and development works, and der nation-building works are and songs, from No,1 Tatmadaw Broadcasting Unit (Pyin Oo Lwin) and No.2 Tatmadaw Broadcasting Unit Ye!mon). For the benefit of all national races, the broadcasts are made in many dialects such as Kachin, Kayah, Akha, Sgaw Karen, Po Karen, Pao, Bamar, Shan, Lahu and Wa.
(3) Mobile Communication Units
          These units No. l to No.4 are-moving from camp to camp in the Union. They inform and entertain the nationals through the am- active media of music, dances and drama, by which the people and Tatmadaw men at the Front may readily understand and accept the meaning of our State's main causes and objectives, the State's endeavours and the directives of the Heads of State.
(4) Myawady Publishing House
          For the educational and cultural advancement of the people and Tatmadawmen Myawady Publishing House prints and distributes many periodicals such as Myawady and Ngwetaryi magazines, Myawady journal, and for young students, Doh Kyaung Tha and Aurora magazines. The house also publishes other books that tend to uplift the patriotic spirit and serve the interests of the people.
(5) People's Tatmadaw Magazine
          This magazine is published monthly with a circulation of over 350,000. The periodical aims especially for the advancement of Tatmadawmen in general knowledge, intellectual thinking and comprehension of the care's policies and objectives. It also entertains the readers with short stories, poems and cartoons.
(6) Yadanabon Newspaper
          From 1 April 1995 to 14 November 1997, this paper has been published in Mandalay with a Bialy circulation of 22,000. Movements of the Head of State, news of regional commands; and news of interest and benefit for all people nationwide are reported.
(7) Doaye! Doaya (Our Cause) Newspaper
          This newspaper was published from 4 September 1988 with a Bialy circulation of 4,100. The daily movements of the Head of State are recorded in the bulletin which is distributed as an evening paper.
Projects to help advance the National Educational Standard
           Tatmadaw cooperates diligently with people for the advancement of national educational standard, and at the same time it is striving hard to produce fully competant Tatmadaw men by having them trained in all kinds of courses and exhibitions. For Tatmadaw officials to be able to accomplish their duties in accordance with all Tatmadaw rules, regulations and traditions, the Office of the chief of Military Law under the Ministry of Defence has made arrangements since December 1997 to open a Law Diploma Training Course and award "Post Graduate Law Diploma" to trainees.
           Tatmadaw (Army, Navy, Air) Computer Office also has successfully held "Computer Technology Exhibition (97) " and thus done something to make the most modern techniques known widely among the public. The exhibition also means to urge all Myanmar enthusiasts to keep in sight of the progress of international technology and to make exchange of ideas.
           The Office of Public Relations and Psycho logical Warfare under the Ministry, together with the respective Regional Commands, has managed to open schools for Tatmadawmen These schools .are producing educated and efficient servicemen who will make it possible for the emergence of the strong, modern Tatmadaw.
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