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Useful Information for Visitors to Myanmar
Foreign Exchange Certificates:
   All arrivals (except those on package tours or with business visas) are expected to exchange US$300 for Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC). In US$1, US$5, US$10, and US$20 denominations, they are accepted by hotels, tourist restaurants and as admission fees. Travellers cheques exchanged in bank are given in FEC equivalent. Only amounts exchanged beyond the intial US$300 may be reconverted to US dollars upon departure.
    You are advised to buy gems, jewellery and silverware at the Myanmar Gems Shop and other authorised shops, where you will be given a voucher with a permit for export. Ignore touts who may offer guide services, foreign currency exchange or gems of a doubful nature.
Entry Requirements
   Twenty-eight-day visas are obtainable for a fee at Myanmar foreign missions. Three photos are required.
Where to Stay
   There are state-owned privately operated hotels, at all tourist centers. Rates vary according to location, facilities and service. Check the hotel listings at Tourist Information Service counters.
Duty-free Shooping
   There are duty-free shops in the airport arrival and departure lounges. The duty-free allowance is two bottles of liquor, two cartons of cigarettes, 100 cigars and half a litre of perfume.
   If a service charge is not included, tip for good services.
Travel and Tours
   Myanmar Travels & Tours and licentsed travel agencies acn asist with travel and tour arragements. Travel agency counters are located at Yangon International Airport and agency offices in downtown Yangon.
   Always keep your passprot and money in a safe place, especially when travelling by train or bus. Report any loss to the nearest police station as well as to your embassy.
Further Infomation
   Tourist Information Service counters are located at airports and the main office in downtown Yangon. The official government tourist office is Myanmar Travel & Tours at 77-91 Sule Pagoda Road in Yangon. There are branch offices in Mandalay, Bagan and Taunggyi.
   Entrance fees are collected at well-known pagodas, temples, monasteries, museums, palaces and archaeological sites.
   At the port of entry, all foreign currencies, jewellery, electrical and electronic articles, and cameras must be declared to a cusotms officer. Export of antiques and archeological objects is prohibited.
Airport Departure Tax
   Visitors are advised to reconfirm international flights before going upcountry.
M o r e    S p e c i a l i t i e s
Ancient Archeology

The remains of the primates since last -- years, were found recently in ( ).
Many archeologists from all over the world rushed to see those remains.
Birding and Eco Tourism

The world's most scarce birds are also found all over the country.
Myanmar is a birder's paradise.
Golf Tours

Great for your health, cost-effective, business talks, family relaxations for everyone.
Now, you can enjoy these at any golf clubs and take advantages on these golf trips.
Revered & Sacred Cities

Many historical monuments and interesting cultures are still situated in Myanmar. This leads to great chances to be visited by international and local historians to study the fascinating events that happened in the past.
Trip to Races

Many races of people, their cultures and life styles are still maintained all over the world, as a mean of heritage. But you will see more miracles with the tribes in Myanmar.
IT Growth

Knowledge distributions based on Human Resources, market search for Software & Hardware products, grade-up to export quality by international inverstors.
Travel News
  Sea Gypsy Festival
    Sea Gypsy Festival on March.
    They are skilled on the sea and in the sea, with even toddlers paddling their baby-sized canoes hewn out of solid tree trunks, with as much ease as the city kids peddle their tricycles.
    more detail ...  

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