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Ministry Of Labour

          The Ministry of Labour aims to promote fair bour practices between employers and porkers and to actively participate in the ional development endeavours through rendering its services to both employers and workers.
          The Ministry of Labour has five ganisations under it: Department of Labour, Social Security Board, Central Inland Freight Handling Committee, Factories and General Izbour Laws Inspection Department and Central bade Disputes Committee. Up till 14-10-97 There were a total of 4,255 employees mprising 463 officers and 3,792 staff members working in the Ministry of Labour and its various organisations.
          To boost efficiency, quality and to enhance knowledge, members of staff of the Ministry pore sent to attend various training courses conducted within the country & abroad. Up to 1411-97 , 1,443 staff members have attended as courses of training and workshops conducted within the Ministry. 53 staff members have been sent abroad to attend conferences, seminars and workshop.

Department of Labor
          The Department of Labour ensures that porkers enjoy their legal rights and privileges and at the same time encourage fair labour practices with a view to establishing cordial relations between employers and workers to maintain industrial peace. Township Workers' Superisory Committees have been formed to settle work - related disputes among employers god workers. The workers Supervisory
          Committees have settled 3 /7 disputes resulting in 2, 540 workers being paid 15.1 millions of Kyats. 1,833 US dollars and 1524 F.E.C. The department encourages both employers and workers to adopt systematic contract of employment
          Township Workers' Compensation scrutiny Committees have been formed to settle cases of injury or fatalities due to accident arising out of and the course of employment. Within the period I April 1995 to 14 November 1997, out of 362 compensation cases, 321 cases have been settled and enable 177 workers to enjoy 1,302,050 kyats as compensation.
          Workers Welfare Association were formed to look after its welfare and grievances of workers and dependents. A total of 2,234 Workers Welfare Association were formed. Their members number 483,283.

Staff Welfare
The Department of Labour initiated the following activities for the welfare of staff:
(a) A total of 8, 819, 761 kyats was granted to staff to help with the education expenses of their children and as prizes to their children with outstanding achievement.
(b) A total of 91,220 kyats was paid out of Welfare Committee funds for free distribution of rice for its staff at head once and within Yangon Division.
(c) The Department of Labour has distributed rice free of charge to entire staff members once in August 1996 and January, May and from July to November 1997 at a cost of Kyats 250,000 each time totalling kyats 2,000,000 for 8 times.
(d) 281 staff members of the Department of Labour whose basic salary is 900 kyats and below, were subsidised 300 kyats each month for the period July to November 1997. The total amount paid was 421,500 kuats.

Employment and Training
          One of the activities of the Department of Labour is placement in employment of job Seekers. Such placement is for both domestic and overseas employment. There were altogether 667,277 job-Seekers registered at the Employment Exchangs under Department of Labour all over the country. Of these 108,857 were placed in employment within the country.
          The Employment also provide services for recruitment of workers by the private sector. Altogether 2,058 private and Joint Venture Enterprises selected 9,307 workers from among those sent to them by the Employment Exchanges.
          Since 1990, Myanmar Workers have been sent for overseas employment to acquire experience, knowledge and skill as well as to earn foreign exchange both for themselves and for the State.
          The Department of Labour has undertaken dispatch of Myanmar Workers for overseas employment since 1990 from 1 April 1995 to 14 November 1997 altogether 784 Myanmar Workers were sent to 7 countries. They earned a total of 1,202,583 in Foreign Exchange for the country.

Registration of Foreign Workers
          The Department of Labour started registering foreign workers in Myanmar according to directive of the Myanmar Foreign Investment Commision. Up to the persentv time altogether 780 foreign workers have been registered.

Drafting of Labour Laws
          New Labour Laws, which are in line with present situationin are being drafted. Up to 14 November 1997, Employment and training Act (Draft) and the Overseas Employment k (Draft) were submitted to the authorities concerned.

Skill Training of Workers
          Regarding Skill Training of Workers the Vocational Training Centre of the Deparment of Labour has conducted 6 Basic Welding Courses, 3 Basic Electrician Causes and 1 Basic Machinist Course and trained 186 welders 72 electricians and 12 mechanics respectively during the period 1995 to 14 November 199 Myanmar, being a member of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region, has participated in setting up Skill standard, for the GMS . In the process, Myanmar has initially drawn up National Skill Standard for 5 occupations and submitted the same for approval by higher authorities. This will enable recognised certification of Myanmar skilled workers, and enable listing of skilled workers in the T Labour Market.

Matters relating to the International Labour Organization
          The Union of Myanmar ,has been a member of the ILO (International Labour Organization) since 18 May 1948. A Myanmar delegation headed by the Minister or by the Deputy Minister for Labour usually attends 6c ILO conference held in. June every year. As a member of the ILO, Myanmar promptly pays annual contribution to the ILO. Myanmar also received technical and financial assistance from the organization. Thanks to ILO assistance, Myanmar has the opportunity to send trainees abroad to study in the field of labour and employment and also to send the labour officers to attend various work-shops, meet ings, seminars and conferences.

Collecting the statistical Data
          The Department of Labour has been compiling statistics on employers and workers every two years. It covers public, private, cooperative joint venture and informal sectors. According to the latest survey conducted in 1996, there were about 3.1 million workers throughout the country.
          Separate Employment Surveys were also made for industrial zones in Shwepyitha, Hlaing Thaya, Dagon Myothit (South) Townships in the Yangon Division, Pyigyitagun and Maha Aungmye Townships in Mandalay Division and Monywa Township in Sagaing Division
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