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Ministry Of Industry-2
           There are nine major factories and an Industrial Training School where 12156 service personnel arc working under the Ministry of Industry-2.
           The factories under the Ministry of Industry-2, produce arious kinds of tire,, and tubes, trucks, light vehicles, bicycles, pumping machines, land-tractor-. tractor. threshers, hoes, bulbs, florescent tubes, dry cells, transformers, electric metres, hourse hold electrical equipment. In order to earn foreign currency, the factories also produce and export the spare parts, lathes, buses, part for water works, ribbon blender. power tiller and light truck.

Joint Ventures
           The Ministry is endeavouring to establish 5 joint ventures for promotion of foreign investment and transfer of technologies. They are
  • Myanmar Fritz Werner Company Limited
  • Myanmar Daewoo Company Limited
  • Myanmar Suzuki Company Limited
  • Myanmar Ekarat Transformer Company Limited
  • Myanmar Matsushita Company Limited
           Myanmar Industrial and Handicraft Exhihitions arc also organized with the co- of' the Ministry of Industry - I and the Ministry of Forestry and also sup- by C. P Exhihition Ltd, (Hong Kong) and Silver Cris Pte. Ltd. (Myanmar) at pefence Muscum, U Wisara Road, Yangon. Myanmar Machinery Export 95 was performed from 5 to 8 December 1995 where Mile, Fabric and sewing machines. shoes and related machines, wood polishing ,Whines, machinery for producing plastic and ruhher products and packaging and foodstuff are displayed. Furthermore, Myanmar Textilc Industries, Myanmar Pharmaceutical Industries, Myanmar Ceramic Industries under Ministry of Industry - I and Myanmar Timber Y rprise under the Ministry of Forcstry also displayed their products in that exhibition.
           Myanmar Machinery Export 96 was held from 6 to 9 December 1996, participat- companies from 16 countries. Over 2000 business representatives from for- displayed the products and machines industries shows and handouts.

Winthuzar Shops
           In accordance with the guidance of the Head of State, that the products of the Ministry of Industry-I with high quality and lair prices Should be distributed to the grass-root level throughout the country for enabling all Strata to use and consume 11. As of August 2001,22 Winthuzar Chain Stores and 24 shops were opened in cities and towns throughour the country.

Establishment of Myanmar Industrial Development Bank
           In order to financially Support the industrial enterperneurs. Myanmar industrial Devolopment Bank, Yangon Branch and Mandalay Branch were estiblishment in 1996 and 1997 repectively.
Setting up Industrial Zones
           Under the superviosion of Regional Industrial Sub-committee, IS industrial zones have been established in order to promote and give necessary assitance to the industries as follows:
Sr. State/Division Nos Location[township]
1 Yangon Division 4 Eastern,Western,Northern and
Southern townships of Yangon City
2 Mandalay Division 3 Mandalay,Meiktila,Myingyan
3 Magway Division 2 Yanangyaung,Pakokku
4 Bago Division 2 Pyay,Bago
5 Ayeyawady Division 3 Hinthada,Myaungmya,Pathein
6 Sagaing Division 1 Monywa
7 Mon State 1 Mawlamyine
8 Thaninthayi Division 1 Myeik
9 Shan State 1 Taunggyi
The following trainings were condusted
    technology for the industrialists:-
           (1) Metallurgy Training [Hsinde]
           (2) Machine Operating Training ,
           (3) Basic Technical Training
           (4) Applied Technical Training [Hinthada]
           (5) Basic Technical Training [Mawlamyine] ,
           (6) Basic Technical Training [Taunggyi]
           (7) Basic Technical Training [Yenangyaung]
           (8) Basic Technical Training [Myaungmya]
           (9) Metallurgy Training [Mandalay]

    In addition, the fiollowim, workshop, and seminars were also held in coopera- with UNIDO and ESCAP.
           (a) Senior Blacksmith Training (Hsinde)
           (b) Production of Grinding Machine Training (Yangon)
           (c) Seminar on Police and Experience of promoting Small and Medium Size Enterprise of Republic of Korea.

           As the Ministry of Industry-I has made continuous effort W hrcnnote the Production, with the result of the amount of net profit gained are shown below :
 Fiscal Year Income Expenditure Net Profit Operating Ration
1997-98 14825.6 10967.2 3858.4 74.0
1998-99 21444.8 15672.1 5772.6 73.0
1999-2000 22470.9 17704.6 4766.4 78.5
          Resides that the Ministry of Industry-1 endeavours to increase the capacity till ulltilisation in order to be able to fulfil the annual production plan :

Fiscal Year Capacity Utilisation
1992-93 53.53
1993-94 51.99
1994-95 59.63
1995-96 77.01
1996-97 74.06
1997-98 76.60
1998-99(up to December) 74.89

Industries built by the ministry[1988-2001]

Sr: Factories Products
Cloth Sector
1 No.19 Thanlyin Garment Factory Shirts
2 Saging Garment Factory Robes,Mosquitonets
3 Shwedaung Textile and Finishing Plant White multi colour PC cloth
4 Myingyan Dyeing and Printing Factory Finished Cloth
5 Myingyan Dyeing Printing Factory Finished Cloth
6 Monywa Dyeing and Printing Factory Finished Cloth
7 Pakokku Dyeing and Printing Factory Finished Cloth
Foodsuff Sector
8 Yedashe Sugar Mil Sugar
9 Bilin No.2 Distillery Strong Alcohol and Liquid Carbondioxide
10 Diamond Soft Drinks and Ice Factory Soft drink bottles
11 Mandalay Soft Drinks Factory Ice,Soft drink bottles
12 Magway Soft Drinks Factory Ice,Soft drink bottles
13 Yangon Candy Factory Sweets
14 Sagaing Instant Noodle Factory Instant Noodle Packets
Pharmaceutical Sector
15 No. 3 Hmawby Plastic Factory Plastic Bags
16 No. 2 Soap Factory Washing Soap
17 An intravenous injection Factory 500-cc vials of intravenous injection
18 No. 1 Plastic Fctory Plastic packets
19 Mandalay Soap Factory Soap
20 Mandalay Soap Factory Washing Soap
21 Thayawady Tile Factory 8-in by 8-in tiles
22 Thayet Cemen Plant Cement
23 Danyingone Brick Factory Bricks
24 Naypudaung Tile Factory 12- in by 12-in titles
25 No 3. Shoe Factory Shoes
26 Yangon Umbrella Factory Umbrellas
27 Yangon Bicycle Factory Bicycles
Paper and Chemical
28 No. 2 Mandalay Gas Factory Oxygen and Acetyline
29 Sittaung Cautic-Soda Factory Caustic-Soda ,Sulphuric Acid, Bleaching Liquid,Beaching Power
30 Paleik Newsprit Factory Newsprint

New Industrial Project under implementation
1 Pwinthbyu Textile and Finishing Plant Textile
2 Pakokku Texitle and Finishing Plant Textile
3 Salingyi Textile and Finishing Plant Textile
4 Yamethin Dyeing and Printing Plant Textile
5 Kyaukse Vest Factory Textile
6 Kyaukse Candy Factory Foodstaff
7 Vinegar factory Foodstaff
8 Myanmar Pharmaceutical Industries Foodstaff
9 Pyin Oo Lwin Pharmaceutical Plant Project Foodstaff
10 Chaungbauk Spirulina Plant Project Foodstaff
11 PP Woven Bag Factory Foodstaff
12 The New Kyaukse PP Woven Bag Factory Foodstaff
13 No 1 Soap Factory extension project Extension project
14 Yamethin Soap Factory project Extension project
15 Kyaukse Cement Plant Ceramic
16 Danyingon Brick Factory Ceramic
17 Kyaukse Brick  Factory Ceramic
18 Kyaukse Bicycle Factory Ceramic
19 Kyaukse Slipper Factory Ceramic
20 Sewing Machine Factory Ceramic
21 Magway Umbrella Factory Ceramic
22 Thabaung Pulp Factory Paper and Chemical
          There are also industry will and national economic plan to an estimated capital of 18.8 million.

          The products of Myanmar Gems Enterprise arc jade, gemstone, jewellery and Silver. The enterprise has entered into production in accordance with the promulga- of the Myanmar Gemstone Law on 29 September 1995.
           Mineral explorations arc being undertaken by the Department of Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration- The Department explores diamond, gemstones. gold. platinum, uranium, wolfram, tungsten, coal, silver, lead, copper, antimony, chromite, mangan,ese iron, asbestos, ornamental stone, gypsum and limestone.

Mining of Gemstone and Jade
          Natural resources including gemstones belong to the State. In accordance with the economic laws and Myanmar Gemstone Law, private entrepreneurs arc permitted to produce gemstones. Under the supervision of the Department of Inspection amt Myanmar Gems Enterprise, illegal production of gemstones arc prevented. Beside, arrangements are being made to make "Pinion Yadanar Market" a market-centre for gems.

World's largest Pearl
          The world's largest natural pearl wits found on the seabedat Mukkalauk pearl oyster exploration area north-west of Zadeggy Island in Kawthaung Township, Tanintharyi Division on 18 April. The Pearl is 6.2 cm in length, 5.3 cm in width and 3 cm in height, excration the measurements of He Hope Pearl recorded as the world's largest in the past.
           The perarl's weight is 45.06 mommes,845 carats,169 grams and 929.50 yatis. According to Gemological Institute of America, the Hope Pearl found in about 1800, was 5.71 cm is length and grams in wcigth.
           In addition to the pearl's sire, it is also a ware. significant and quality gemn find of which is auspicious news 1 the state and the people.
           The 3000 ton Jade Block was digged at Plot No.109 Ruby Dragon Jade and Gem Co.Ltd.Nanthmaw in Phakant Township on 10 April 2001. It was found by special Region-6 of Pao Peace Group. The Jade black 70 feet in length,16 feet in breadth and 20 feet in height. It will be dug as much as possible to be observed in natural position.
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