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Ministry Of Communications, Posts and Telegraphs

Myanma Posts and Telecommunications
           Myanma Posts and Telecommunications is a government enterprise functioning under the Minsitry of Communications, Posts and Tele- for the provision of postal, telegraph and hone services to the public.To achieve advancement and smooth running of administration, social and economic opment of the Union of Myanmar, Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) is vi striving its best to render domestic and interna- and telecommunication services with the modern way of thinking.

Development of Domestic Postal Works
           Due to expansion and upgrading total mber of post offices was increased to 1231 from 1185 and full function post offices was increased to 675 from 625 during the period I-4-95 to 14-11-97.
           643 full function post offices out of 1206 post offices during the fiscal year 1995-96, 662 full function post offices out of 1,222 post offices during 1995-96 and 675 full function post offices out of 1,231 port offices up to 14-11-97 were expanded and upgraded.
           Regarding yearly increment and volume of Work 79.99 million kyats for postal articles and 947.23 million kyats for money order during 1995-96,80.64 million kyats for postal articles and 1,833.5 million kyats for money order during 1996-97 and 47.6 million kyats for postal articles and 486.92 million kyats for money order up to 14-11-97.

Expansion of Domestic and International Mail Transpoartation, Work
           For the quick and better of postal delivery, international transportation of mail by air was increased to 5 days a week from 3 days. 21,864 parcels and 260,499 packets during 1995-96, 25,159 parcels and 332,757 packets during 1996-97 and 15,727 parcels and 240,115 packets up to 14-11-97 were transported abroad.

New Arrangement For Express Delivery
           In 23 townships of Yangon City, the practice of delivery two times per day was introduced in 29 Post Offices to expedite the postal delivery starting from 21-8-93. Saturday postal delivery was introduced in 28 Post Offices of Yangon City. Night postal sorting system was introduced in Yangon General Post Office.

Issue of Commemorative Stamps
           Commemorative stamps were issued to mark drug abuse control, 50th Anniversary of United Nation, Diamond Jubilee of Yangon University, Visit Myanmar Year 1996, International Writing Week 1996, 50th Anniversary of UNICEF and 30th Anniversary of ASEAN.

Postal Services Supporting Commerce, Social, Economic and Education
           To support such activities, MPT introduced expedite money order delivery services in 58 townships including Yangon and Mandalay. The service found 100 % satisfactory. Now, such services are provided in between Yangon and 54 towns and in between Mandalay and 33 towns in duplex quick transfer of money order.
           The same service was also provided for the hostel students in the various universities of Yangon and Mandalay.

Establishment of New Telegraph Offices
           Myanma Posts and Telecommunications during the period from 1.4.95 to 14.11.97 had taken action to establish new and upgrading of 21 telegraph offices.

Computerised Telegraph Service
           IBM compatible personal computers were introduced to apply them for telegraph services using software for Myanmar alphabets. The first service was started on 24.3.93 in telegraph offices in Yangon and Mandalay replacing old teleprinters.. In addition, such system was applied to those towns which have heavy traffic.

Domestic Bureau Fax Services
           Domestic Bureau Fax services was started on 1-9-92 in 7 towns including Yangon and Mandalay continuously 56 big and small twons are provided with the same services.

Public Telex Service
          Number of registered public telex subscriber on 31.3.91 was 1,213 and 2,456 as of 14.11.97.

Fax revenue
(on million Kyats)
1991-92 57,415 68,424 6.6337
1992-93 53,440 58,453 6.206
1993-94 57,685 57,195 6.707
1994-95 38,643 34,089 4.679
1995-96 27,575 17,809 3.399
1996-97 23,936 13,572 3.013
1997-98 8,634 4,829 1.099
(up to 14-11-97)

Public Fax Service
          Preparations for public fax service began on I -7-91 at Yangon Central Telegraph Office and the service was rendered to the public on 19-9-91. At present, there are 1828 registered public fax users and there are 40 corresponding countries with Myanma Posts and Telecommu From 1992 to November 1997, incoming fax messages and outgoing fax messages were observed as 52,775 and 93,773 respectively and the tax revenue received was 40,433 Kyats in million.

Express Delivery by Motor Cycle
          Myanma Posts and Telecommunications uses the fastest means of transportation such as motor cycles for express delivery of telegraph messages. The system was started on 16 September 1992 at the telegraph offices under special arrangement. The systems is now applied in Yangon, Taunggyi, Pathein, Sagaing, Monywa, Magwe, Mawlamyine, Myitkyina, Sittwe, Tachileik, Hakha, Pakoku, Pa-an and Baum

Installation of Long Distance Telephone Lines
          From 1-4-95 to 14-11-97, 857 wire miles of long distance telephone lines were installed for the promotion of smooth communication.

Expansion of Local Telephone Service
          Local telephone lines are being expanded al the exchange offices of respective states and divisions. During the said period, 20,506 and 29,788 direct exchange lines in the fiscal year 1995-96 and 1996-9 7 respectively and 12,700 direct exchange lines as of 14-11-97 were expanded.

Telephone Exchanges and Direct Exchange Lines
          In all the States and divisions, there were the total number 455 telephone exchange asof 31-3-95. As 45 exchanges are added, the total number of exchanges as of 14-11-97 were increased to 500. In the same manner, due to addition of 62,994 direct exchange lines to the figure of 137,337 in 31-3-95, the figure as of 14-11-97 was increased to 200,331 direct exchange lines. During the period mentioned, 25,806 telephone lines were equipped in 49 towns by making use of the fund raised by the public.

Services for Development of Border Areas and National Races
          For the development of border areas and national races, a plan was made on the basis of financial year by making use of the fund for the development of communication sector in border areas and also using mormal budget of Myanma Posts and Comminications. During financial year 1995-96, 11 number of grade 5 post offices, 5 radio telegraph offices, 4 manual exchanges with 30 lines capacity, 72 line miles of long distance telephone lines and 5 radio telephone systems, during financial year 1996-97, 8 number of grade 5 post offices, 3 radio telegraph ofces, 7 manual exchanges with capacity of 30 lines each and 49 line miles of long distance telephone lines and 1 number of grade 5 post office up to 14-11-97 were implemented by making use of the fund provided for the development of the border areas
          By making use of the normal budget of Myanma posts and communications, two radio telegraph offices with TW-7000 equipment, one number of 50 miles local exchange switch board, I number of local exchange switch board expanded from 30 to 50 lines, 63 line miles of long distance telephone lines and system of 4 channel open wire carrier, were implemented during 1995-96 During 1996-97, 8 number of grade 5 post offices, 3 radio telegraph offices, 1 radio telephone systems (Phone Patch), 56 line miles of long distance telephone lines and as of 14-11-97 one radio telegraph office were commissioned.

Installation of Telephones under Special Arrangement
          The System is introduced in Yangon Auto Telephone Network starting from 16-9-92. The initial installation charge at that time was US$ 1100 and increased to US$ 1500 on 15-12-94. On 19-2-97, the system was changed and fees were collected in kyats with 200,000 kyats as initial installation charge. Starting from the time to use special system up to 14-1 1-97, 16,744 telephones were installed with the US$ basis and 4,955 telephones were installed on kyats basis, thus bringing the total of 21,699 telephones installed under the said special programme.

Expansion of Telecommunication using Revolving Fund
          By making use of the above fund, 1859 Digital European Cordless Telecommunication System (DECT) telephones were equipped to the subscribers. The following is the break down of the list.

Date Location Capacity No. of telephones
2-5-97 Pakokku 400 398
30-1-97 Twante 550 449
30-1-97 Monywa 350 192
22-3-97 Mandalay 1700 764
Total 3000 1859

          Trunk radio system for taxis and other vechicles for eleven private companies was introduced in Yangon with the initial capacity 175 radio terminals. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) wireless local loop with the initial capacity of 3,000 lines in Yangon was, commissioned on 17-10-97. In the same way on 12-I 1-97 packet switching system for data communication was commisioned with the initial capacity of 300 lines in Yangon and 80 lines in Mandalay.

Telecommunication Expansion Project
          With a viwe to fulfill the need of people living. in respective states and divisions in Myanrnar, MPT rendered the project by implementing new digital exchanges, replacement of manual exchanges with digital exchanges, new micro-wave routes and expansion of microwave channel capacity
          Under that project,expansion and installation of new exchanges with the total capacity of 17,000 lines in Yangon for 7 exchanges, expan and new installation of five exchanges in Pyin-U-Lwin Sagaing, Shwebo Loikaw Pa-an with the total capacity of 3000 lines and 4 new digital micro-wave routes linking Mandalay-Pyin-U-Lwin-Lasho Mandalay- Mandalay-Meiktila-Loikaw and Mandalay-Sagaing-Pakoku were implemented during 1995-96 and completed during 1996-97.
          Similarly, 3 exchanges in Yangon with the total capacity of 7,000 lines, I exchange each in Magwe Mandalay (Myothit) Mawlamyine, Pathein and Sittwe with the total capacity of 6,000 lines, new digital micro-wave routes linking Mandalay-Myitkyina-Bhamaw Mandalay- Lasho-Muse-Kyukoke, Mandalay-Hakha and Dawei-Myeik were being implemented starting from 1996-97 under regional telecommunication development project and the installation works are to be completed according to the schedule.

Domestic Satellite Communication
          Domestic Satellite Communication, which is one of the engineering branch of overseas communication had introduced domestic satellite communication ground stations in Myitkyina, Lashio, Bamaw Kalay, Hakha, Tamu, Kanty, Muse, Kawthaung, Myeik, Kengtung, Tachileik, Myawaddy, Budhitaung with a HUB station in Yangon and enabling those towns they posses nationwide coverage in telephone connection.

Expansion of International Telecommunication Circuits
          Standard B satellite communication earth station and analog international gateway switch with 60 voice channels for the international telephone service had been operated till March, 1994. Due to development in domestic and international commercial activities, it was found necessary to introduce better and more reliable overseas telecommunication system. Under international telecommunication improvement project, MPT introduced new standard. A stallite communication earth station which is linked with INTELSAT-6 60 degrees east geostationary Indian-ocean satellite, new digital international gateway switch, digital micro-wart system linking between earth station and gate way switch and optical transmission system in between international gateway swithch and local exchanges in Yangon, This system was commissioned on 4.3.94 access to 14 via countries with 828 digital voice grade channels.

Implementation of New Microwave Route
           In conjunction with the installed new digs automatic exchanges, new digital micro-wa routes were implemented for the links Taunggyi-Kalaw, Yangon-Twante-Maubin, Poap-Pakokku, Mandalay-Shwebo, Pa- Popa-Kyaukpadaung, Thityargouk- Taungdwingyi, Mayangone-Thanlyin-Kyauktan, Pha-an-Mawlamyine, Loikaw-Meiktila- Mandalay, Mandalay-Pakokku and Mandalay- Lashio.

Extension of Telephone existing Micro wave Channels
          Programme for channel expansion in existing microwave routes was carrid out to the requirement of the towns with P automatic exchanges and where number telephones are significantly increased; and 60 channels in Yangon-Dawei link, 24 channels in Mandalay- Sagaing link, 60 channels in Mandalay Meiktila-Popa link, 120 channels in Yangon Mandalay link, 60 channels in Yangon-Pa-an link 24 channels in Yangon-Taungoo link, 22 channels in Mandalay-Myingyan link, 24 channels in Yangon-Daik-U link, 24 channels it Yangon-Myaungmya link, 60 channels it Yangon-Hinthada link, 12 channels in Ngaputaw-Pathein link, 24 channels in Mandalay- Wundwin link respectively.

Implementation of Cellular Mobile Telephone System
          Cellular mobile telephone system in Yangon was started on 8.12.93 with the initial capacity of 1,000. The capacity at present has been increased to 7000 and at present, there are 7,185 cellular mobile telephone user in Yangon Similary, cellular mobile telephone system with the initial capacity of 1,000 was introduced in Mandalay on 21.3.96 and the system was now terminated with 1, 1110 end users terminals.

Implementation of Automatic Radio Telephone System
          To bring in quick implementation, automatic radiotelephone system using latest technology was first introduced in Yangon on 2.12.96. At the following table shows installed capacity and number o1 telephone as of 14.11.97.

Extension of Open Wire Carrier Terminals
          Based on the requirement of the medium and small towns, I 8 sets of 3 channels, 3 sets of 4 channels, 8 sets of 6 channels, 16 sets of 12 channels carrier system were extensively implemented up to 14-I 1-97.

Department Of Meteorology And Hydrology
          To assist the various undertakings of State organizations and all walks of life and to safeguard the State property being dammed from natural disasters, the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH) is issuing timely weather forecasts cure warnings and flood bulletins warnings
          DMH is also supplying meteorological hydrological/ seismological and agrometeoro- data, racords, reports, bulletin, study documents and suggestions to State organiza- engaged in various sectors such as transport ations, defence, livestock breedings and fisheries, agriculture, energy production, constructions, industries, feasibility studies of national projects etc. to be cost-etrective.
          Since 1 April 1995, DHM has carried out the following tasks of observatories/ offices; establishing one meteorological station in pauk and three hydrological stations in Bawlake Myawady and Shwesayan upgrading four Meteorology or Hydrology stations to Met, or Hydro stations at Kunhein, Myinmu, Bawlake and Pakokku and establishing 16 raingauge stations at Ye-pya village (Dawei) Heinda Mine (Dawei) Kyon-ma-nge village (Wakema), Thayet-tapin village (Kyauktaw), Township Agricultural office (Kamine Township), Agricul- firm (Shwepyi-thar Township), Lonpi village (Falam), Minywa Irrigation Office (Tha- Township), Kin-pun-chaung village Kyaik-Hto-Township), Thit-yar-bin village (Kyun-Hla Township), Mai-kyon village (Hlaingbwe Township), Mal Kut, Artillery and Armour Training g School (Meiktila Township), Pha-saung, Zokwa and Mohlaing. The Aviation Meteorological Office at Nauhsay in southern Shan State was inaugurated on 21, August 1996. As the DMH is undertaking forecasting, daily weather news and State / Division-wise weather forecasts have been telecast by Myanma Radio and Television Department and Myawady since 12 August 1997.

sr.No Location Installed Capacity Number of Subscribers
1. Yangon 2000 1817
2. Maubin 700 648
3. Pagan, Nyaung-U 450 434
4. Pa-an 210 200
5. Mandalay 250 219
6. Mawlamyine 240 210
Total 3,850 3,528
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