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     To promote effectiveness and success in the development of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology was established on 2 October 1996. The Ministry of Science and Technology established as the 30th Ministry is based on the Myanmar Science and Technology Research Department which carries out research and development work for the development of the nation's industry. The Ministry of Education transferred Yangon Institute of Technology, Mandalay Institute of Technology, Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Technical and Vocational Education to the Ministry of Science and Technology on 1 January 1997.
Departments and Institutes of Technological Science under the Ministry
     There are 4 departments under the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  1. Myanmar Science and Technology Research Department
  2. Industrial and Vocational Education Department
  3. Advanced Science and Technology Department
  4. Nuclear Energy Department.
     In addition, there are five institutes under the Department of Advanced Science and Technology: education20
  1. Yangon University of Technology
  2. Mandalay University of Technology
  3. Pyay Technology University
  4. Yangon University of Computer Science Studies and Technology
  5. Mandalay University of Computer Science Studies and Technology.
Departments under the University of Computer Science Studies and Technology
  1. Administration/Budget section and Estate Engineering section in Management and Administration.
  2. Under the Computerware section, are the Hardware Branch, Software Branch, Operation Department, Application Section 1, Application Section 2 and Research and Development Branch.
  3. Library
  4. Departments Concerning Academic Subjects.
   Departments of Specilized Subjects-Computerware Technology Department, Computer Programming Technology Department, Computational Mathematics Department, Research Science Department.
    Departments Concerning Subsidiary Subjects - Department of Myanmar, Department of English, Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics.
     Technicians are being trained at the following institutes and schools:
(a) Technical Technology & Colleges 39
(b) Engineering Technology Evening Classes 23
(c) Technical Instructor School 2
(d) Technical High School 5
(e) Evening Trade Courses 2
(f) Machinery Repair and Maintenance School 2
(g) Handicraft School 2
Yangon University of Technology
     Yangon University of Technology was established as the Engineer Department of Yangon University in 1924. In 1946, it was upgraded as Master of Engineering Department. In 1963, it was renamed as Rangoon Institute of Technology and beame a separate Vocational University in 1964. Ph.D programmes were introduced in August 1997. It was renamed as Yangon Institute of Technology with effect from 1 July 1998. education23
     About 6000 students are in attendance for respective degrees and post-graduate degrees.
Mandalay University of Technology
     Mandalay University of Technology was established in Patheingyi Township, Mandalay Division in 1991. Courses for post-graduate have not yet been opened and over 600 students are in attendance for Diploma in Technology,
Pyay University of Technology
    Pyay University of Technology was established near Hmawzar in Pyay District and the planned annual intake is about 300 students.
Yangon University of Computer Studies
     The objective is to produce technicians who can invent, repair and apply com
puter hardware and software technology and to open under-graduate course, master courses, post-graduate diploma courses for the growth of Myanmar Information Technology and for the building of a modern developed nation.
Background History
1971: It was opened as UCC (University Computer Centre) under the Ministry of Education.
It gave training to university and government departments with ICL Main Frame 1902s.
1975: It conducted M.Sc (Computer Science) and D.A.C (Diploma in Automatic Computing) in cooperation with Department of Mathematics of Yangon University.
1983: It started using PDB 11/70 (Digital) Mini machine.
1986: It initiated undergraduate courses in B.Sc (Computer Science) and B.Sc (Computer Technology).
1987: It was upgraded as Institute of Computer Science and Technology on March 29.
1990: It bought and installed PCs. It changed the names of degrees.
1993: It began IDCS undergraduate diploma course in collaboration with British NCC and was a great success.
1994: It held its first convocation on October 8.
1995: The number of PCs has increased because of the installation of PCs by the State and donation of Pentium PCs by Fujitsu Company.
1995: On December 9, the second convocation was held.
1996: It held its third convocation on December 17.
1997:  It was transferred to the Ministry of Science and Technology on January 1.
Mandalay University of Computer Studies
    Mandalay Institute of Computer Science was opened on 18 September 1997
near Mandalay University of Technology in Patheingyi Township. Over 600 students
are in attendance at the institute.
------TABLE (courses conducted )--------
E-Education System Launched In Myanmar
education09     Electronic Data Broadcasting System via satellite has been put in motion since 31st December 2000 by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Ministry of Information. The Special Four-year plan for the Promotion of Education runs from 2000-2001 to 2003-2004 fiscal year, and among its objective is to generate teaching and learning opportunities with the use of modern information technology. Multimedia teaching centres are being opened at basic education schools. Multimedia classrooms have been opened at universities, degree colleges and colleges while the networked computer system has been set up.
Bagan Cybertech Group for emergence of ICT Park
     Myanmar is a signatory to the e-ASEAN agreement. It will have to work with might and main for progress of computer technology. It has founded the Myanmar Computer Technology Development Council and is promoting the computer science stage by stage to the best of its capacity.
     At Bagan Cybertech, there are data communication operations and functions of projected e-Commerce and Internet. So far, ten private companies have already made arrangements to offer e-Shopping, e-Banking, e-Reservation, e-Media, e-Journal and e-Book services. Concerning the Internet, there are system programmes, rates, aims and services of the V-set networking system of the information communication technology park.
Exhibition of IT Students' View on Myanmar
     The Exhibition of IT Students' View on Myanmar was held at Tatmadaw Hall in Yangon from 7 to 10 September 2001.
In the Exhibition, skills on designs demonstrated by the students with the use of computers at the School Profile Project Booth. There are others booths such as Science Demonstration Booth for use of computer softwares, Video Conferencing Booth for interactive methods on learning, Have Fun With Computer Booth for the visitors and Power Point Booth for demonstration of developments of States and Divisions.
    The students demonstrated interactive On-line Learning via V-SAT Network booth and their painting on national development at the computer painting booth.
     The Geographical Information System of Zoology Department, Geography Department, History Department, University of Distance Education [Yangon], Institute of Economics and University of Foreign Languages [Yangon], participated in research on data based design, environment, maps. Ancient Myanmar Literature Department of Universities Central Library of Yangon University participated in preservation of palm-leaf, parabeik and inscriptions with the use of computer Web-Page of universities and educational matters of higher education sector shown on Website at the multimedia application in Higher Education Booth.
Myanmar-Japan e-Learning Centre
    Myanmar-Japan e-Learning Centre was opened jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan, e-National Task Force of Myanmar and Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF) at the Myanmar Information and communication Technology Park (MICT) in Hline Township on 8-10-2001. The course was lasted for six weeks and Japanese professors and lecturers gave lectures.
     The Opening Ceremonies of Bagan International Data Centre and Teleport and Myanma ICT Park were held at the respective buildings in Hline Township on 21-1-2002.
     ICT Park was the result of cooperation of respective departments and Bagan Cybertech and Myanmar ICT Development Corporation under the guidance of Myanmar Computer Technology Development Council. education22
     MICTDC believed that private sector plays an pivotal role in establishment of Myanmar ICT Park. With this belief, the MICTDC formed with 30 regional companies was founded in March in 2001 and construction of ICT Park started.
     Myanmar ICT Park will provide modern communication services to local and foreign IT companies in software production.
In MILT Park, the software and solution Technology Exhibition, was held in this week. A total of 38 technological companies displayed booths at the exhibition.
    The seminar on "Information Technology In Myanmar; Business Outlook and Opportunites" was held in Yangon on 21, 22-1-2002 and the seminar on "Interaction for Progress: Internet Revolution and society in Myanmar was held in Mandalay on 24, 25-1-2002.
e-ASEAN Task Force Meeting
    The tenth meeting of the e-ASEAN Task Force was Held at Myanmar ICT Park here 21st January 2002.
     The Chairman of e-ASEAN Task Force Mr Roberto R Romulo and members of e-ASEAN Task Force discussed ASEAN Information Network (Info Net), e-Enterpreneurship Training Workshop, Manila Workshop on National ICT for Education Strategy, Cambodia Initiavite for ASEAN Integration (ICT Portion), and the pilot projects -ASEAN e-Halal, ASEAN e-Money & ASEAN Global Halal, Asia Pacific e-Learning Alliance, Comex: Logistics Trading Platforms for e-ASEAN, ASEAN Online Tutoring, ASEAN Transact, ASEAN TEDI (Trade EDI), ASEAN Auction and ASEAN Voices (Myanmar).
Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University and Myanmar Maritime Uinversity
    As for turning out highly qualified Acdamicians and Technicians in keeping will the advances in Science and Technology.
  The government is schedule to open Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University Maritime University in August 2002.
-------TABLE(courses conducted at the University)-----
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