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   It has been found that certain social organizations have been established by the Non-government organizations to add efforts by the government organizations to carry out political, economic and social activities of the Union of Myanmar aiming to join hands with the people.
    These social organizations are introduced as followed: culture06
  1. Myanmar War Veteran Organization,
  2. Auxiliary Fire Brigade,
  3. Myanmar Red Cross Society,
  4. Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association,
  5. Myanmar Medical Association,
  6. Myanmar Nurses Association,
  7. Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association,
  8. Myanmar Music Asiayone,
  9. Myanmar Theatrical Asiayone,
  10. Myanmar Motion Picture Asiayone,
  11. Myanmar Traditional Artist and Artisans Asiayone,
  12. Myanmar Sports Writers Federation,
  13. Myanmar Library Association,
  14. Myanmar Printing and Publishing Association,
  15. Foreign Correspondents Club of Myanmar,
  16. Myanmar Women's Entrepreneurs Association,
  17. Myanmar Photographic Society,
  18. Myanmar Floriculturists Association,
  19. Myanmar Dental Association,
  20. Myanmar Health Assistants Association,
  21. Myanmar Engineering Society,
  22. Myanmar Hiking and Mountaineering Association,
  23. Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
  24. Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association,
  25. Myanmar National Committee for Women's Affairs.
Myanmar War Veteran Organization
     It was originated in 1972, and firmly formed in 1975 at the first central leading Committee meeting. Moreover, it was reorganized on August 10, 1989 by the State Law and Order Restoration Council under the State Law and Order Restoration Council Law No. 17/89. Its latest congress was held in 2001.
Auxiliary hire Brigade
Myanmar authorities enacted Fire Brigade Law in 1963. Under the Law No. 20/ 1, existing voluntary fire brigades were abolished and new auxiliary fire brigades were set up on October 1, 1963. Auxiliary fire brigades come into existence since then.
Myanmar Reel Crows Society
Though Myanmar Red Cross Society was established in 1920, it was such a branch of India's Red Cross Society because Myanmar was just under British rule of Diarchy. It becomes renounced as the Myanmar Red Cross Society starting from April 1, 1937. There were 10 executive committee members in the Central Society and township Red Cross Societies were very fundamental in Red Cross Movements. There were also Red Cross nursery units and village Red Cross societies, factory Red Cross Societies, workshop, job, ward and school Red Cross societies as well.
Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association
It was established to upgrade health and living standard of mothers and children across Myanmar. Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Law No. 21/90 was introduced in 1990 and under the law, the Ministry of Health organized Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare .Association with 39 members of Central Council.
Myanmar Medical Association
    Organized with the medical experts on 2 March 1949, it is a well-wishing association. There were about 5000 members and 60 sub-associations.
    Myanmar Medical Association takes part in National Health Project Planing by carrying out the prescribed objectives The Association carries out holding seminar on medical subjects, refresher courses, doing research works, publishing literature and making links with international medical groupings and it also lays down future programmes.
    Myanmar Medical Association takes part in Myanmar Nurses Association
    It was established in 1948. Its objectives is to promote nurses social, educational and nursing level by encouraging the nurses to get involved in the task according to State's health policies. It was then aimed to join hands with the State if the occasion arises.
    It has played in necessary role in accord with the health policies laid down by the ruling authorities. It was recognized as a member of International Nurses' Council and there appear so many nurses who performed outstanding deeds.
   Co-sponsoring with the world Health Organization, workshops on nursing were occasionally held aiming to boost nurses' qualifications.
Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association
    Set up with the 25 members of executive committee of Myanmar Writers and Journalists' Association held its second conference in June, 1997 and EC members rises up to 30.
It has now been undertaking 20 kinds of work which contribute to implementation of the Association objectives.
Myanmar Motion Picture Asiayone
With have patrons and 20 executives, Myanmar Motion Picture Asiayone was organized for the benefit of artists and for the State. As the film gives entertainment, knowledge and control one's ideology and attitude, the Myanmar Motion Picture Asiayone has been striving for participation in nation-building endeavors.
Myanmar Theatrical Asiayone
    Myanmar Theatrical Asiayone was formed on 29 August 1992 with 33 executive committee members, the present number being 27.
   The Asiayone has now been making arrangements to study Myanma Zatthabin's basic laws, procedures, playing musical instruments and acting of Thabin artistes and existence of historic trends from the yesteryears up to date.
Myanmar Music Asiayone
    Myanmar Music Asiayone was established with 4 patrons, and 21 executives in the Central Work Executive Committee. The Asiayone is committed to the development of the Union of Myanmar and the entire people.
Myanmar aninar Traditional Artists and Artisans Asiayone
    The Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisans Asiayone comprises artists, sculptors, blacksmiths, gold or silver-smiths, artisans who make items cast or wrought from bronze, copper or brass, artisans who make decorative work in relief with stucco, mansions, stone sculptors, artisans who make crafts of turnery and artisans who make lacquered. It is formed for enabling the traditional artists and artisans to actively take part in nation-building endeavors in the interest of the country.
Myanmar Sports Writers Federation
   It was established with 19 Executive Committee Members on March 21, 1990.
   To implement the objectives, plenary meetings are held in June and in December annually, and literature and photo competitions on 23 June every year.
Myanmar Library Association
   Consisting of 15 executives, Myanmar Library Association has been undertaking some measures such as:
  • to hold talks on library science ocassionally,
  • to educate library science to the public by publishing library science Journal and other literature,
  • to conduct refresher courses and multiplier courses on library science,
  • to carry out other tasks which are in a accord with the association's objective.
Myanmar Printing & Publishing Association
    Consisting of four patrons and 21 executives, purposes of MPPA are:
  • for the printing, publishing, paper and binding entrepreneurs to work together,
  • to support modernization of press, paper mill, binding machines and equipment used for publishing,
  • to give priority to raising production and living standards of Printing and Publishing entrepreneurs,
  • to make the necessary equipment and spare parts available from inside and outside the country,
  • to obtain modern technology in printing, publishing and binding work,
  • to promote friendship and relationship among those dealing in this business.
Foreign Correspondents Club of Myanmar
    The Foreign Correspondents Club of Myanmar was first established in February 1989 with nine founding members.
    The Club's membership has now risen to 18, of whom 13 work for the Japanese media-television, newspapers and news agencies while four work for the Western news agencies and the remaining one is the resident correspondent of the Xinhua News Agency of the People's Republic of China.
Myanmar Women's Enterpreneurs Association
Formed on 12 February, 1995. The Association has 203 life members and ordinary members.
Myanmar Photographic Society
Formed in 1950 and the Society has 15 executive committee members.
Myanmar Floriculturists Association
    The Association was formed on 20 October 1993. It is composed of 24 Central Executive Committee members and seven sub-committees.
Myanmar Dental Association
    This Association was established in 1979. The Executive Committee has 20 members. There are over 1000 members in the Association. The Association participates in public welfare particularly in oral health care such as prevention and treatment of tooth and oral diseases.
Myanmar Health Assistants Association
    Formed on 3 October 1994 with 47 regional branches in the districts. There are 21 members in the Central Executive Committee. The Association is implementing public health care activities.
Myanmar Engineering Society
   Formed on 23 December 1995 to facilitate harmonious cooperation between its members and organizations of the State, trade and commerce, services, education and research.
Myanmar Hiking and Mountaineering Association
    Formed on 5 January 1960. The Association organized jogging contests and mass jogging to select prospective contestants for international competition. Mass participation in hiking and mountaineering is being organized with an intention on national fitness and national defence preparedness.
Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    The British merchants formed Burma Chamber of Commerce in 1906, but Myanmar nationals were not allowed to joint it. At that time, Myanmar nationals and Burma Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1919 with the conviction that national spirit can last long only on firm economic foundation. The UMCCI was reformed by the Ministry of Trade on 6 January 1989.
Forest Resources Environment Development and Preservation Association [FREDPA]
    Formed with 15 forestry experts as Central Executive Committee members on 17 January 1996. The main aim of the Association is to participate in developing forestry sector, wildlife protection, econological conservation and rural development.
Myanmar National Committee for Women's Affairs [MNCWA]
   MNCWA was formed on 3 July 1996 with 17 committee members to work for the development and advancement of Myanmar women and to organize women's participation in nation-building endeavors. Women's Work Committee was also formed with 18 members on 7 July 1996.
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