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Myanmar cuisine is not complete without a side dish of a salad. Practically anything that can be eaten is made into salads. Meals are centred on steamed plain rice. with a soup that is taken at the same time and not as a starter as in Western cuisine. Soup is not only supped but a little dribbled on the rice, too. There would be a curry with thick gravy, and this too will be mixed with the rice. A side dish is usually a salad, or it can be stir fried vegetables. A salty relish rounds up the meal, with blanched or raw vegetables eaten with it.
Eggplant is a vegetable that is meaty, and with a satisfying deep flavour. It is used a lot in Myanmar cuisine, whether fried, in soups, in curries or in salads. Also, being naturally oily there is no need for any additional oil, unless you prefer to mix in a teaspoonful of onion oil (given below). Many Myanmar Buddhists are vegetarians and this is a favourite dish for them.
Eggplant Salad (serves two)
1. 2 large eggplants
2. 1 onion
3. Lime
4. Salt
5. Onion oil for dressing: - 1/2 an onion
1/2 cup vegetable oil
6. A spoon tip of turmeric powder (optional)

First, prepare the dressing. This onion oil is used in most salads. It is not easy to fry onions in very little oil, so 1/2 cup is given as a measure although you will not use up all the oil, which can be used later in cooking stews or curries.

2. Slice the onion very thinly, and spread out on a plate to dry a bit. Heat oil, add the turmeric, and fry the onion slices. Watch carefully, and as soon as the slices turn golden, remove pan from fire first, then immediately remove onion with a slotted spoon, and drain on paper towel. As soon as the oil is cool, add the onion slices to it and store in a capped jar. This will keep the onion slices crisp. Turmeric gives a pretty colour to the oil, but can be omitted if you like.
3. To prepare the salad, slice onion thinly; keep in water until just before use.
4. Grill eggplant until soft. The grilling gives it a delicate smoky flavour, although you may bake it if you wish.
5. Discard skin, and then mash the softened eggplant with a fork. Squeeze out water from onion slices, add to eggplant and mix thoroughly with a little salt and limejuice. Garnish with the fried onion. A very easy dish, and delicious.

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Eggplant Salad



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