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Coconut Rice (Suitable for Electric Rice Cooker)
1 large or 1 1/2 pounds grated 1 tablespoon salt
fresh coconut 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
4 cups raw rice 3 cloves
2 tablespoons oil 1 stick cinnamon
4 medium onions 3 or 4 bay leaves
1. Grate coconut and extract milk in this way: put in fine cloth, knead, set aside thick milk. Add 1/2 cup hot water, knead, set aside liquid.' Repeat with more water till total of 8 cups liquid is obtained.
2. Clean and wash rice well, drain, put in degshee or cooker.
3. Mix into it coconut milk, oil, onions (peeled and quartered), salt, turmeric, and spices.
4. Put over good heat. Cover and stir occasionally to prevent sticking. After the mixture comes to a boil, continue stirring till only a little liquid remains.
5. Place pot e per embers only and put red-hot coals over lid. OR: place pot in moderate oven for 10 to 15 minutes. This part is important to obtain an aromatic taste.
6. Serve with accompaniments which must offset richness. See Menus, Chapter 12. This recipe can be used with electric rice cooker omitting step 5.

Kneaded Fish Rice
A one-dish meal, this is sold at five-day bazaar meets an the Shan uplands. A strong fingered man sits cross-legged: around him basins of cooked fish, rice, and flavoring ingredients. He debones, kneads hard, mixes rapidly, dresses,' and serves each portion ' on a counter at which the queue sits on, haunches. As in all Shan areas, hot tea and chilies are on the house, with buffalo skin crisps and garlicky shoots as extras.
3 1/2 pounds fresh, whole fish  1 teaspoon ginger powder
ngayan, catfish, or perch 1 1/2 cups chopped tomatoes
2 teaspoons (or to taste) salt 2 large onions, for slicing
1 teaspoon turmeric 8 spring onions (scallions), bulb
1 1/4 cups oil and stalk
1 1/2 cups onion, finely chopped 2 teaspoons chili powder, coarse
1 tablespoon dried garlic chips 8 cups soft-cooked rice
1 teaspoon or less chili powder Buffalo skin crisps OR potato crisps
1. Clean fish. Chop in 2-inch chunks keeping head whole if there is one. Rub-with 1 teaspoon salt and half the turmeric.
2. Heat 1/3 cup oil. Fry in it the chopped onion, garlic, chili, and ginger till aromatic. Add tomatoes, and cook 5 minutes. Add fish. Stir carefully while adding 3 cups water, cover, and cook 25 minutes.
3. Slice 2 onions finely and evenly. Chop spring sralks for greens) into small pieces.
4. Remove fish chunks from broth. Leave head in broth and boil 15 minutes more. From chunks take flesh, pressing to detect bones, and remove.
5. Place pot e per embers only and put red-hot coals over lid. OR: place pot in moderate oven for 10 to 15 minutes. This part is important to obtain an aromatic taste.
6. Heat zest of oil. Fry sliced onions light brown, drain, and set aside. Reheat oil, put in coarse-pounded chili, take pan off fire and let chili cook and color oil red while still in plan: Drain off chili and set aside: Add rest of turmeric and shredded fish to oil, cook a few minutes while stirring.
7. On a long platter, arrange 2/3 of rice in 6 oblong portions. Sprinkle each with shredded fish and chopped spring onion greens. Cover with rest of rice, pressing each portion into good shape. Dress tops with remaining fried onion and sides with fried chili, crisps, and spring onion bulbs.
8. Serve with hot clear tea and extra crisps.

Fried Rice
Fried rice, as a one-dish meal, is, with slight variations, common to all Asia's rice regions. Its recipes are simple. Here is a note on the important points in such simple recipes.
1. The cooked rice must be cold enough and dry enough to get the grains to separate.
2. In preparation or flying, get every grain in touch with the flavoring ingredients.
3. Fire must be very hot and rice moved all the time in frying. Frying must go on long enough for rice to be almost crisp in parts but not hard and not burned.
4. It is usually cooked in quantity, so care must be taken not to crowd the pan. Good tossing is essential. If necessary, fry in several batches.
5. Burmese eat "Chinese fried rice" with one indispensable accompaniment: raw onion, green chili, and lime, mixed together as a side relish.

Simplest Chinese Fried Rice
Housewives tend to put many ingredients into fried rice, but the result is not always as tasty as that which a good restaurant with an eye to economy and greater skill can serve. Try this for minimum ingredients:
7 to 8 cups cooked, cold rice 6 large Chinese sausages
1 tablespoon (or to taste) salt 5 tablespoons oil*
2 to 3 tablespoons soy sauce 5 eggs
 3/4 teaspoon black pepper, 2 onions, peeled and sliced
*Some oil will come from sausage. If other meat is used instead, oil shculd be increased.
1. Put rice in basin, break up, and put in salt,; soy sauce, and 1/2 of epper. Mix with fingers till thoroughly homogenized.
2. Put whole sausages into a pan with 4 tablespoons water. Cover and cook till water is absorbed: Cut sausages in diagonal slices 1/8 inch thick, fry in a trace of oil till fragrant. Drain and set aside.
3. Beat eggs with large pinches salt and pepper. Pour out excess oil from sausage pan leaving just enough for omelette. Fry
eggs, drain out as omelette, cut into short strips.
4. Add rest of oil to pan, heat, put in sliced onions, and before they brown, put in mixed rice, keeping fire very hot and
tossing. Keep on at spitting heat till all parts get frying treatment well.
5. Mix into the pan the fried sausages and egg and keep tossing.

Fried Rice with More Ingredients
Housewives tend to put many ingredients into fried rice, but the result is not always as tasty as that which a good restaurant with an eye to economy and greater skill can serve. Try this for minimum ingredients:
12 ounces pork 3 medium tomatoes
1 1/2 teaspoons garlic, chopped 1 cup green peas, shelled
1 1/3 tablespoons salt 2 medium onions
1/2 teaspoon pepper 2 large green chilies
12 ounces prawns 2/3 cup oil
before shelling 7 cups rice, cooked and cold
2 carrots 1 tablespoon soy sauce, thick
1. Boil pork with 1 1/2 cups water, 1/2 of chopped garlic, 1 teaspoon salt, and pinch pepper. As soon as pork is tender, cut in thin slices. Set stock aside.
2. Shell and clean prawns and cut in small pieces.
3. Cat carrots in fine slices; chop tomatoes, slice onions, remove chili seeds and cut skin in strips. Pound rest, of garlic finely.
4.  Heat 1/3 of oil in small pan, fry onion till clear, add tomato. When tomato liquid is absorbed, put in prawns and pork. Cook 5 minutes. Add carrots, peas, and 3 tablespoons pork stock. Cover and simmer till water is absorbed.
5. Mix rice well with 2 tablespoon salt, soy sauce, and pepper. Heat remaining oil in large pan till it smokes, put in rice, toss over heat, and fry 5 minutes at least. Add meat and vegetable mixture, then chili strips, and continue to toss and fry till well done, adding rest of finely pounded garlic before last stirring.

Danbauk or Pillau Rice Simplified to Burmese Taste
This and the recipe following are of Indian and Muslim origin, using ghee (clarified butter) instead of oil. People from Old India have resided in Burma so, long that decades ago such dishes were adapted and commonly used by the Burmese.
2 (3-pound) chickens. 1 cup ghee (clarified butter)
3/4 teaspoon turmeric 3 or 4 bay leaves
1/8 teaspoon saffron 1 cinnamon stick
1 /2 teaspoon pepper 3 cloves
2 tablespoons salt 6 cardomoms
1 cup curds or yoghurt 1 1/2 teaspoons ginger powder
5 cups raw rice 1 cup cream
2 1/2 cups onions, chopped finely  8 ounces raisins (optional,
1 tablespoon dried garlic chips not favored by the Burmese)
5 large onions for slicing 2 ounces, almonds, chopped
1.  Disjoint chicken; take pieces and -rub with pinch turmeric, pepper, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, and soak in curds: Boil bony
bits for stock.
2. Wash rice and cook it in 5 cups water or less, till water is absorbed (i.e. rice must not be fully cooked).
3. Pound, the finely ,chopped onions. Soak garlic in 2 teaspoons water. Slice the 5 large onions evenly and finely.
4. Heat 1/2 cup ghee. Fry in it sliced onion till light gold. Drain and set aside,
5. Into ghee put bay leaves, cinnamon, -cloves, and cardomoms. When aroma rises, put in 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and pounded
onion, garlic, and ginger. Fry over lowered heat till fragrant. Add chicken, stir, and cook over raised heat 5 minutes Then add marinating liquid (curds), cover, and simmer till tender.
6. To 2 cups stock add cream; -saffron, and rest of salt and stir in. When meat is tender, melt rest of ghee separately and assemble on table the following: rice, fried onions,, cooked meat, mixed liquid, melted ghee, raisins, and chopped almonds.
7. Into a large pot put in evenly distributed layers a portion of each of the above in this order: ghee, rice, onions (and raisins and almonds if used), meat. pieces, arid mixed liquid. Repeat once more but have some .rice and liquid remaining. Cover with rice layer. Mix liquid with gravy from meat pan and pour it slowly to get all of it into pan of packed mixture.
8. Cover pot and bake in moderately slow oven (3250) for .half an hour at least-Or put over very-slow fire with hot coals on flat lid.
9. Serves 8 with accompaniments as given under Menus, Chapter 12.

Butter and Lentil Rice (Suitable for Electric Rice Cooker)
1 1/2 cups raw split-pea lentils 2 cloves
2 1/2 cups raw rice 3 or 4 bay leaves
2 large onions 1 teaspoon turmeric
4 tablespoons ghee OR 1/16 teaspoon saffron
 OR 5 tablespoons butter 1 cup shelled green peas
4 cardomoms 1 tablespoon salt
1. Ahead of time wash and soak lentils to shorten cooking time later.
2. Boil lentils till halfway done.
3. Wash and drain rice. Slice onions.
4. Heat ghee or butter, put in spices, and let, aroma rise. Put in half the, sliced onion. When it begins to, brown, put in turmeric; rest of onion; green peas, lentils, and salt Stir well. If saffron is used, dissolve it in 2 tablespoons hot water and add it to the 41/2 cups water for the rice.
5. Add rice; mix well, then, add 4 1/2 cups water, cover, and cook over nigh heat: Stir, once or twice before it comes to a boil.
6. As water is absorbed, lower heat; shake pot with lid on. Continue to cook very slowly till rice is dry and fluffy, shaking pot once or twice more.
7. Serve with accompaniments as given in Menus, Chapter 12.


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